Hey everyone, I recently had my second baby and had multiple complications post delivery involving retained placenta, uterine infection, and a d&c procedure. At my 6 week post d&c check up, my gynecologist did a pap which came back as ASC-H. I’ve never in my life had an abnormal pap and as far as I can tell, I have no real risk factors. As you can imagine, it was a big shock and I’ve been so worried while I wait to find out more.

My gynecologist brought me in for a colposcopy immediately and they biopsied a suspicious looking area, but not much was really said at the time. She did make a comment to the resident that the area appeared vascular.

That was three weeks ago, and I’m waited impatiently for the biopsy results. Anyone else have experience with ASC-H? What was your colposcopy and biopsy results? Any words of advice or encouragement welcome. I have two very young children and I’m so worried about what all this could mean.

Hi there,

I'm new to this forum and have had a very similar experience as you. 

I realize you posted this about a year ago, and was wondering what happened after your colposcopy.

Here's what has happened to me:

6/28/17- had my second baby. Vaginal birth

7/3/17- went to the ER as I was having fever, and intense abdominal pain.  ER doc said I probably have retained placenta and ordered IV antibiotics and an ultrasound, and after antibiotics were completed I was sent home with more antibiotics. Was told to follow up with my OB as soon as possible.

7/5/17- was feeling much better, recieved a call from my OB, she said that the ultrasound "showed 2cm of what they thought was retained placenta and if im feeling better then it will most likely pass on its own" 

8/7/17- post pregnancy check up. First Pap smear ever done: (I'm 22 years old) 

8/14/17- received call from OB office saying my pap results came back  showing inflammation and abnormal cells. And they want to schedule a colposcopy. Made appointment for 9/20/17- as they are very booked 

8/28/17- requested my pap results. Curious what they found. Pap results showed ASC-H.

---- still awaiting colposcopy to be preformed.

was wanted some info from someone who has had similar experiences.

thank you so much for any information.