ASC-H result...waited...small area of lesions at colp & biopsy...waiting waiting waiting... *new*

Greetings all,

This was a refreshing forum to stumble across. There seems to be an immense amount of support and shared personal experiences...a great community to be involved with.

So I'm 28, a fellow Commonwealth citizen from Canada, and I am just trying to make sense of this all without jumping to conclusions (a process I'm sure many of you are all too familiar with).

  • December 2013: Last normal pap

I’ve had regular PAPS since I was 20 (4 or 5 total?), always normal! Until this summer when I unexpectedly found myself in stirrups while just casually discussing the copper IUD with my doctor, I guess an up-to-date PAP & STI swab are necessary for the prescription. Mind you, I got the IUD inserted before I got my PAP results, not sure if this will cause issues in terms of future treatment if needed.

  • July 2015: PAP result ASC-H (abnormal squamous cells cannot exclude high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion), referred for a colposcopy...6 fun-filled weeks later.

I still cannot believe how alien the idea of cervical cancer was to me just 2 months ago. I knew nothing of dysplasia, how it progresses, and the role of high-risk strains of HPV, none of it. I never even really considered getting the HPV vaccination before.  I guess I just had this unrealistic optimism about my susceptibility. So when the clinic left me a voicemail informing me of abnormal results, my heart dropped and I immediately assumed this meant cancer, err....not quite.

  • Oct 2015: My first colposcopy + cervical punch biopsy. Doctor informed me of a small area of lesions. 3-4 weeks for results now.

I psyched myself out majorly pre-colp, especially after having my IUD inserted which was excruciating for me. I figured this would be comparable; however, it was quick and virtually pain-free. Buuuutt…I guess my body forgot to inform my brain of this seeing as how I fainted in the change room afterward (despite being asked twice in advance if I faint easily…”who me? Nahhh”).

So we wait… and in the process of waiting I think I’ve visited every website & read every scientific journal out there, just hoping one of them will give me a definitive answer without lumping me into some ‘likely’ or ‘highly unlikely’ statistic. I guess you could say that I’m scared….the symptoms of invasive cervical cancer are the same symptoms as a newly inserted copper IUD. I’m obviously experiencing these symptoms.  

I don’t know what I want to ask here, I more so just want to ramble. I mean, how fast can CIN progress in 1 ½ years since my last normal PAP? A small area of lesions suggestive of HSIL? In 1 ½ years my cervix went from normal to having high-grade lesions on it? If further treatment is necessary, will I need to have the IUD removed?

That’s all for now. It’s late here. Thanks in advance for reading, I hope to hear from some of you soon. 

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Hi Mary.

I too am Canadian. :) To answer your question about how fast CIN can progress in 1.5 years, I wonder if they can miss the area when they perform the PAP? The same thing has occured with me, however I am way older than you. I have never had an abnormal PAP in all those years and only recently did the government go from yearly to every 2 year PAPS. So it was shocking that so quickly, 2 years I could go from normal to HSIL.

I went through the process, colpo, wait forever for results, LEEP, wait 6 weeks for results and now I am told I have early stromal invasion, so yet another LEEP to determine the extent and then the treatment. I just don't think I can wait another 6 weeks for results after having to wait another month to have the second leep...but I guess I have no other option.

Back to you, with regards to your IUD requiring removal, I can say that if you require LEEP (LLETZ in UK) they removed 1cm of my cervix according to pathology and the doctor said that she was taking quite abit of tissue, so depending where your IUD is positioned, maybe you can do the math if it is even possible. :)

Don't worry if you require a LEEP, I made myself CRAZY reading worst case scenarios online and while that can happen to some, I didnt have a bad experience at all with the actual procedure. I did have a bump in recovery, however they attribute that to a UTI. Other than that, I experienced virtually no bleeding. I pray I didn't just jinx myself for my next LEEP.

I am sure some other experienced ladies will be along to answer your questions, I just wanted to add my 2 cents.





Hi sorry cant answer question either but thought would say you are not alone and I too have just had punch biopsy and awaiting results. I didn't know much about all tho either and have been on so many websites since lol I'm sure I will be fine, and you too is just the unknown and the awful wait!

I hope you get the advice you want and I too will be interested to read your replies

hugs xx

Waiting is just so hard isn't it. I'm over 3 weeks into the wait for biopsy results. 


Good luck to all those who waiting for results xx

im glad I found this forum and get to read everyone's experiences. heres mine, I have had Asc-h and ASCUS paps for a while (since 2011, I'm 29 now) and just blew off going for a colp (so stupid I know). I finally did last November and the biopsy  was normal (said it was cirvicitis). I went back in for a follow up after 6 months and The result was ASC-H but this time the colposcopy came back CINIII. I'm freaking out because I'm now worried That this could have been developing for a while and because i didn't follow up it could be worst. Im already terrified of doctors (hence the not-following through) but I have grown up and realize this needs to be dealt with. I just had the leep two days ago and now it's the waiting game I guess.

does anyone know if cirvicitis could cover up a HSIL/CC lesion and if so how likely is this?  I dont have kids now but wanted to soonish. I'm just hoping for the best and getting more anxious about the worst case scenarios. I've found Google is a scary place. 

I think the hardest part is I haven't told anyone about this. I don't want to worry anyone and just can't bring myself to tell my friends or family or even my boyfriend.  Just trying to deal with it on my own and hope it goes away soon.

Anyone have any updates about ASC-H colposcopy findings?