As Ready as I'll ever be...

Bag is packed

Legs shaved

Light dinner

i guess i'm as ready as you can be for tomorrow, see you all on the other side...


Ironically i got my smear test request letter today oh the timing!!

Good luck x

Good luck Pat. Sending you a massive hug. Xx 

Best of luck Pat x


Good turn thurs xxxxxx

Good luck for tomorrow xx

Good luck hope all goes well for you xxx

Good luck. Will be thinking of you xxx

Hi Pat,

Wishing you all the very best. Just realised that we have the same op on the same day. Reassurring to know that we are not alone. Catch you on the otherside.

PS- If there is anything lacking in the standard of care that you receive, be sure to speak up- that is my intention.



All the best… Good luck, I will be thinking of you! x