arm swelling???

Hi everyone, 

I had the all clear in feb for cervical cancer stage 1B with lymph node involvment.  However i have had 3 weeks of an underarm swelling (node).  I am going to clinic tomorrow but I am panicking.  I feel a bit like a hyperchondriac (may of spelt that wrong lol).  Anyone else had this?  I keep thinking has it come back and now o i have lymphoma???



About a month post op I found a lump in my groin which turned out to be a lymph node. I had a CT scan and ultrasound to check it and it turned out it was swollen but didn’t have the shape of a cancerous node. 4 months on it’s still swollen but seemingly harmless xx

Hi hun

It could just be that your lymph nodes have swollen under your arm as you body tries to cope with / compensate for removal of lymph nodes elsewhere.

Hope it all goes ok hugs SL xx