Area too Large for Local?

Hi all - am new here though have been a member for a while due to ongoing issues.

Just got back from having my colposcopy and now am freaking out a bit.

Some background.....Had a copper coil fitted around August of last year.

Afterwards experienced some horrible dark bleeding - so went back to GP who

took a look, said she didn't think was infection but took swabs anyway to be sure.

Few days later get a call to say had got an infection and prescribed antibiotics (which

I ended up having a bad allergic reaction to though never had problems with anti b's


After taking a different course of anti b's - still didn't feel quite right and was still getting 

horrible bleeding/discharge but put it down to coil settling down.  Because I also had a new be on safe side I decided to go to the GUM clinic to get checked out.  Also I

felt that they may be more experienced at looking at this type of thing.  All the tests came

back clear - but the nurse wasn't happy with an area on my cervix.  She then did a smear test.

Cut to a few weeks later as hadn't had result back - chased them up and they said the hospital 

had refused to read the smear as I was not due to have one!  Nurse was still not happy so she

referred to to have a colposcopy - this was around the end of October last year.

At the colposcopy they took punch biopsies and said I had a blocked hair folicle.  Waited for ages

to get the result back from the biopsies (was at least 8 weeks) so didn't really worry too much as

thought no news must be good news?

When I had the colposcopy I don't think it was with a consultant - I think was just nurses?

In April had an appointment to see consultant - he said had area of warts and the blocked hair folicle

and he advised me to have them removed under GA.  

Had the op in June.....when I came round they told me the warts had gone so all they did was remove the folicle.

Had a follow up letter saying they'd removed a large NP, they hadn't needed to remove warts as had gone

by themselves and to I was to have smear as scheduled in September.

Had smear test about 2 weeks ago which came back with high grade dyskaryosis - was booked to have

colposcopy last Wednesday but was at heaviest point in period so changed the appointment to today.

Saw the consultant - he was actually the same consultant who removed CIN2 cells when I was 21 - i'm now

44 so that was quite strange......anyway - he asked if I was okay with being treated there and then which

I was.......he had a look and said the area was too large to be treated today and that I would have to have

it done at a larger hospital under GA about 20 miles away.  

He then gave me a local and took biopsies using the LLEZT (was quite uncomfortable)

So I guess now is just a waiting game.  I am really worried - but am thinking that surely if was anything

serious they would have picked it up before now?  

How long does it take to get results?  As said it took an age last time and will drive me bonkers going

through that again.  I had to chase the results last time - it was almost like i'd gotten lost in the

system due to me being referred rather than it being through a smear test result.

Has anyone else had an area too large to be dealt with there and then?  

Sorry if i've rambled on - just wanted to give a clear picture of how this all came about.  








You should get the results in 4-6 weeks but personally after a month phone the clinic where u had the Lletz done and ask. Fingers crossed results will be quicker than that given your need for referral already. 

I had Large Lletz procedures but they were still small enough to be done under LA although with one they had to have me back within half an hour as I started bleeding heavily. I then got stitched to stop the bleed but by then the LA was wearing thin so was a bit ouch.  Upshot of this long waffly story is that under GA you won't have these problems

There are some ladies who have had GA LLETZ on the forum so if this post doesn't pick them up maybe post again with 'anyone had experience of LLETZ under GA ' as title All the best.



Thank you so much for replying - my head was just spinning to be honest on Monday. Feel pretty poo since had it done too. I'm kind of glad it will be done under GA to be honest as was pretty uncomfortable having the biopsy samples taken that way - so guess is for the best. 

Don't remember it being like that when had cells burnt away when I was 21! 

Hopefully the results will hurry up and I can get this lot behind me again x


I had my LLETZ done under GA, not due to a large area, but because for some reason I found the LA injections incredibly painful. I am the same age as you btw - not many of us older girls on here!

The GA was fine, it was the first medical thing I had ever had done to me in my life so I was VERY apprehensive, but it was fine. I remember saying "oh, that's weird, I can feel the anaesthetic going in" and the next thing waking up in the recovery room. I didnt feel nauseous of have any of the other symptoms that apparently it's possible to get with GA. The only thing I noticed was feeling slightly dizzy over the weekend (I had it done on a Friday) and a bit weak and feeble. I was back at work on Monday, though I do have a desk job so if you do something more physical you might want to allow for a few days more.

Shout me if there's anything else you'd like to know


Thanks Elise.  Good to know there as some of us 'old gals' about!  Poor you - not a great fan of injections myself (I even have had 5-6 dental fillings without injection as dislike them so much) but I think I was so thrown this time that they wereen't actually going to sort it there and then - they managed to whack the injections in before I could protest lol.

I've not long had a GA when they removed the blocked hair folicle from down below - am not too worried about the GA - more worried about it being large area and how much more recovery time will need if is big area :-(

It must have been quite scary for you if that was your first GA too coupled with the worry of having this too. 

Hope your smears are clear for evermore xxxxxxx