Are they telling fibs?



quick question, I had my first smear at 23 in 2010 and they found abnormalities and I had lazer treatment, twice! I was told for 10 years I would need to be tested every year. two years later I got a letter to say it was due for my smear, fine. But a few months later when I turned 25 I received another letter even though I had already had it that year. I ignored the letter thinking well they obviously haven't realised. 


When i was 26 and got tested no problem, 27 and they questioned it saying I wasn't due, when I explained they said, 'oh yes you are on the system twice' and they tested me. Now both 26 and 27 I had my usual letter. i went to a new doctors today because I have moved house, granted I didn't have a letter but it's been five years now and i just know when I am due to be tested. Anyway I went and she questioned it, I explained and could see he history, she called the lab explaining that if she did it they would just throw out my test because I am not on their system to have it done. They said no I didn't need it for another 2 years, she explained to them I had abnormalities in 2010 and was on the system twice. They went away and came back and said no, not due for another two years. When I tried to 'argue' my point she said that the people at the lab that because my last few results haven been fine that I am back to the 'normal' system and that there is a new policy in place that if after later treatment and results are fine after that normal procedure resumes of getting it done every few years. 


Is this Correct? I kind of got the feeling like the nurse really didn't want to test me and I was just wasting her time when I have clearly been told by two different doctors practices (I have moved several times in the last few years it would seem!) that I needed to be tested every year. 



No that is not correct.  I was on the annual smears and its a good job i was as in 2012 my smear was normal and in 2013 I had stage 1b2 cancer.  Certainly dont want to frighten you but I had a cone biopsy in 2009 for abnormal smears which is why i was on the yearly checks.  I would insist upon the test annually.  You can phone the hospital where you had your treatment and get them to put the request through to your GP again.

Dont be fobbed off.  Stand up for your health!!!

Anna xx

Hi Sunbean,

If you had a normal last smear which was tested for HPV and found to be HPV negative, then it's possible you have been returned to routine recall. It's possibly the new system that was referred to, you can read about it on the screening website here

If you're back on routine recall for this reason, it may be down to your GP to decide if they'll let you have annual tests, as this isn't standard any more. A lot of ladies are having to pay for them for peace of mind. But any doubts (or symptoms you're worried about) do see your GP.

All the best