Are supplements dangerous? Has anyone had any success?

Hi everyone, I go for colposcopy in a weeks’ time and I’ve found my anxiety has recently been ramping up in anticipation.
Since my second abnormal Pap in Feb I’ve been taking: AHCC (3g) NAC (900mg), Selenium (200 mcg) , Folate (3mg) Vitamin C 1000mg and A, B12 and DIM. I also take iron on my period and green tea supplement once a week. I realise now it was a bit silly to take supplements without a doctors advice, but I thought after reading online it might help me, is this likely to have caused damage to my liver? I’m just a bit worried now on top of everything else. I also used 6 weeks of Papilocare

Thank you for reading xx

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Hi Miranda, how did your colposcopy go? Hope you’re well :slight_smile: