are kaz will be 40 meet in blackpool

well i hope she doesnt mind telling the
whole world but she doesnt look it at all very young looking 40 i must say

when sat 18th august

where blackpool

me and my friend are booked in to areasonable hotel 25.00 bed and breakfast on coranation st and kaz is talking about us all wearing t shirts with kaz 40 on i need a good night out so come on girls get yourselfs there to celebrate a long standing member of jos life begins and all

love debi x


i sooooooooooo wana go cos kaz is 1 of the most amazing women ive met but i dont think i can get down to blakcpool from here. is anyone
near newcastle going??


I would love to come to Blackpool but I am away on holiday. Never mind, I hope everyone has a great time.

Love Tracyxxxx