Are home hpv tests reliable

Since having lletz treatment in 2010, I’ve not missed a smear & luckily my treatment was successful & meant that I have been hpv negative.
My latest 3 yearly smear was due last month & instead of booking my smear as normal I did a hpv test myself, mainly due to the fact I was going away & thought the results would be quicker etc so I didn’t have it on my mind on holiday.
I got the results back after about 5 days which luckily stated that I’m hpv negative.
So my question is should I still book a smear test or do more regular hpv tests? As I know the nhs screening service don’t recognise any other results.
Thanks :blush:

Hi @Gems

Home HPV tests are just as reliable as the NHS ones but like any test you can have false positives or false negatives and these tests are not recommended or meant as a replacement for our regular screening programme, some have done a home test been negative but the nhs one has came back as positive or vise versa nhs negative but home test positive… so you should definitely still attend your regular smears when invited and maybe just do home tests as a precaution :slight_smile: xx


Thank you :blush: