Are Green Tea/Curcumin Suppositories Safe?


Just this week I was told I have high risk strains of HPV. There wasn’t enough cells in my sample to check the cervix so I’ve to go back for another smear in 3 months. I’m very upset and anxious about all of this.

I’ve been doing lots of googling and reading of this forum and have ordered all the vitamins recommended to improve my immune system and have begun eating only healthy foods in an effort to rid myself of HPV.

I came across YouTube videos a doctor. He recommends using both green tea and curcumin suppositories on alternate nights for 2 months. He said he’s has an almost 100% success rate in clearing HPV by doing this. I’m willing to do all I can but just wondering if anyone has used these before and are they safe? He seems to know his stuff but would like to know if anyone else has followed his advice.

Many thanks in advance.


I have also read and heard about curcumin suppositories but never tried them. I used papliocare gel though and took curcumin and green tea capsules. Also took AHCC and my results were negative within a year.

Thanks so much for the reply. That’s brilliant you managed to clear it! I’m really hoping it’s the same for me. I’ve found a homeopathic doc in the USA who said she can ship me suppositories so I’m going to give that a go. If it doesn’t work out I’ll try Papilocare. I’ve read good things about it.

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I think curcumin and green tea suppositories would be good as they are natural substance and good for infections. Also take multivitamins and other supplements to boost your immune system. Please share your experience of trying the suppositories would love to know if it has worked.

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