are bad results back quicker?

HI all

I had smear on 1st abnormal cells cin3 sever dysklatosis result 10 days later on 27th feb had colposcopy with lletz where the nurse said looks like cgin anyway i phoned today to see if any results were back. The clinic informed me there was a back log of 5/6 weeks and that if there was a prob with the biopsy i would have heard by now. I feel  better now but would like to know from those who did receive doggy results if your biopsy was back early?

Hi I had exactly the same thing. I had lletz treatment on 19th Feb and was told the results take a month. Been worrying so much. Hope your results come back clear x

Hi from what I have seen from other threds it appears bad news is around 2 weeks, hopefully others will chip in if this was not the case I thing this is aweful to wait so long, my mum was dionosed with lung cancer in Dec and I lost my nan to cancer last year so could o without the wait. I guess no news is good news

Good luck


I know. It's awful making us wait. I have read so many different things. Some people say results r 2 weeks and some say 6 weeks. Maybe phone the docs or hospital to c if they have your results xx

I'm still waiting after 6 weeks, it's so stressful hanging around wondering what has happened! I've phoned twice, and just been told the lab is busy :(

Bev x


I had a smear with borderline changes and HPV positive at the end of january.. I had colposcopy on 1st March where they took a biopsy and I am also waiting for results. I'm absolutely beside myself, I've not long had my second baby and I can't eat or sleep with the worry. People keep saying if it was bad news I would have been called 'straight back' but I don't see it that way as tbh, the colposcopy clinic was so busy with ladies that I imagine we are all in the same position. 

In the meantime, I received a letter from the doctor at the hospital which was sent to my gp which said that she'd done a biopsy as she'd seen 'what looked like high-grade disease' - I have no idea what that means or why she didn't explain that to me at the time but its worried me more. 

This was my fourth smear and all my previous one's have been normal. 

I'm driving myself mad with worry :( 



Did they not say when you had colposopy that they had seen abnormal cells and then did a lletz is the letter saying you have high grade cgin ? Thats what i was told at same time i cried the whole time through mine because i was thinkubg about my mum with her stage 4 lung cancer rhinking what the hell am u doung here. I hope its just the cin or cgin and they got it all and same for you the waiting is totally stupid for all something needs to be dobe about all that its nerve racking! I also think there is quite a bit of inconsistancy between what different clinics do and say to people. 

Well I rang the hospital AGAIN!!! I have no patience I know that I explained that was already going through enough stress without waiting for biopsy results and they said the lab will have returned the results its just they are 5 weeks behind on admin! she did say she would make a note and ask the nurse to go through them and dictate the letter but again assured me that if the results were bad I would have heard by now and that CGIN was nothing to worry about this was the admin secretary I was speaking to.. I am sure shes right but surley these people are not medical professionals.

So more waiting I am convinced all will be fineLaughing