Appt letter 3 months after colposcopy?

hi all, I went for a colposcopy 2 weeks ago on Thursday and have received an appointment letter for 7th December. No results just the appointment. I'm hoping this means it's ok but thought you got referred back to GP if it was mild changes? I can't imagine them leaving it 3 months if was anything too bad but it worried me there were no actual results on the letter? I'm probably panicking for nothing has anyone had this too? Thank you x


Try not to panic (easier said than done sometimes). Did you have LLETZ? It sounds like you've received a follow up appointment date, these are sent separate to results although it's unusal to receive this before the results. Perhaps it might be worth ringing the clinic to query it, for your own peace of mind? They can check it out for you, which is probably going to be more helpful and accurate than any of us trying to guess what's happening. I often find that doing something and trying to find out what's happening helps me more than just waiting and worrying (although sometimes waiting can't be avoided and then keeping busy helps).

Hope you get some answers and all the best.

Hey, I had my colp and lletz 2 and half weeks ago, they told me that if all okay I would be invited back for a smear in 6 months. I haven't had my results yet but I received a letter a couple of days later with my smear appointment for February. So I think they just book you in and then if anything changes in the mean time, ie my results aren't good then I'd go back before. But I think it's just procedure to provide you with the appointment. If you only had a colp rather than having them removed, maybe they want to see you in 3 months to monitor you. Xx