Apprehensive, scared, nervouse and everything else

Hello there. i've been reading these forum posts since I was diagnosed with cc adenocarcinoma stage 1a2 grade 3 histo pathologically at the beginning of September. Reading these threads made by those of you going through the same as myself and those of you who've already been through it has given me lots of courage and strength. I'm booked for a radical hysterectomy with ovary removal and lymphandectomy next Thursday 29th and can feel my anxiety levels rising higher and higher. Despite reading all the positive comments and great advice I don't know what to expect. HELP 


I am stage 1b1 girl! I had a radical hysterectomy last Thursday (15th) with lymph node removal. Feeling nervous is completely normal as it's major surgery but you will be fine. Please feel free to ask any questions. I'm here and there are lots of other lovely ladies on this forum who have had the same op who can offer advice xxxx

Hiya! :-)

I had the same operation four years ago :-) I've had plenty of surgical procedures in the past but there's no denying it, this is a big operation and you won't feel at your best immediately afterwards. But the hospital staff understand this and they will treat you kindly. Before you go into hospital, pamper yourself a bit, buy yourself a few treats - a couple of gorgeous nighties at least! ;-) You'll also want loose and comfy trousers for the journey home, plus a cushion to go between your abdomen and a car seat belt if you will be going home in a car, and lots of peppermint tea apparently. I didn't know about the tea at the time and wish I had!

I'm not sure what else I can tell you that is helpful just now, but feel free to ask specifics and we will all do our best to help. There is a wealth of helpful support on this forum!

Be lucky :-)
(and as they say in Greece - Perastika! Get well soon!)

Thank you Kelly 78 and Tivoli for your comments. It's fear of the unknown and what ifs that I'm struggling to cope with. I'm so glad I found this site and feel encouraged reading the supportive comments and success stories. my partner of 16 years can't deal with any of this and won't talk about it which although it's his way of dealing with it I find this extremely upsetting. My mum is 76 and other than knee surgery is as fit as you can make them. She's been through the fight with my father for over 30 years (and it was something else that he died from)and she is also struggling to take all this on board. My friends are there but many don't know what to say. Thursday is looming fast and I just wish I could fast forward it. I'm not good with anaesthetics either and am usually violently sick. I'm also scared as when I start to awake I usually find myself strapped to a bed for having tried to get up and go (strange what your subconscious can do). Sorry for waffling

Have you had your pre-op yet? You can discuss your anaesthetic worries then. Alternatively contact your CNS/Macmillan nurse and tell her your anxieties. Mine was really good whenever I wanted to discuss anything. Remember they are used to dealing with patients with a wide range of fears and phobias. Yours won't be anything they haven't already seen before many times.

I'm sorry you feel you cant confide in your partner or your mum. They must feel so helpless. What about your friends? Can you not go for a coffee with one to discuss things? A trick i found useful was buying a notebook and writing all my worries down. Sometimes when you see them written in black and white, you think "actually that's pretty ludicrous". On the other hand, its a good prompt to remind you of things to ask when you talk to your consultant or CNS.

We are all here also - willing you along, supporting you. Any questions - even if you think trivial , post them and someone will reply.



Had my pre-assessment two weeks ago but don't get to see anaesthetist until morning of op. My CNS has reassured me I'm not the first to have problems and won't be the last. I don't like making a fuss and feel silly. I've dealt with everything up until now really well but the nearer the op gets the worse I feel. I will start keeping notes thank you for that piece of advice Kelly 78. How are you feeling a week and 2 days after your op? What are you able to do at this stage?


Up until Thursday (a week after my op), I was completely wiped out. Would spend my days lounging on the couch watching tv, pottering round the house and dozing. I had a catheter in until weds which didnt make me feel like doing much. Yesterday and today I feel much more like my old self. However I keep having to remind myself to take it easy otherwise I'll set myself right back. I have had no pain in my pelvic area since the day after the op. However, the wind pain lasted about 3-4 days. Stock up on plenty of peppermint tea and things like Windeze. I was discharged with movicol too - you will probably suffer with constipation after the a pack of senokat just in case to get things moving again!

I am a single mum with 2 kids so we've ended up moving in with my mum and dad so i am getting waited on hand and foot so that's probably helped me too xxx

so glad things are moving on well for you that gives me a little more confidence. I've stocked up on peppermint tea and liquorice tea too as I read somewhere that was good. Suffer regularly with constipation so always have something in, Kids 13 and 10 so fingers crossed they might help a little. My partner said he's going to continue to work so that should be interesting. Luckily end of half term week so I should be able to rest from the following week. It sounds silly but I'm dreading not being able to hoover. Keep enjoying your rest and being looked after. X

Hiya ;-)

Well if you're worried about hoovering after the op I recommend cleaning the house to within an inch of it's life before the op, and tell the kids to keep it that way ;-)

It is a desperately difficult time for your partner right now. Most likely you are getting all the attention and sympathy and he is a bit left out. He needs support too and perhaps continuing to go to work is the support he needs, being surrounded by familiar faces and familiar routine so he can put his fears to the back of his mind. It may sound strange but it would be good if you could reassure him!

Smiling and being brave for your mum and your partner will not only help them, it will help you too!

Hang in there! :-)

I had an issue with the anisthtic (can't spell!) when I had my tonsils out at 16 due to it having penicillin in and since then when I've had an op I've told them I am allergic (I was told to say this) and I've been fine just majorly sleepy! Explain this at your pre op appointment or phone the hospital if you've not got an appointment before and they should change what they use.

good luck!