appointment recieved 3wks sfter biopsies taken. .WORRIED!

Hi I had 3 biopsies taken at my colposcopy 3 wkz ago. Today recieved a letter asking me to attend the clinic next wk, . .whilst at my colposcopy I wss shocked to see thst  half of my cervix was white and the white area also continued up behind my cervix.. the procedure was very uncomfortable and  awkward....worse one so far left me very shakey..

I had a  leetz done in 2011 and was given the all clear and all l smears have been clear ..I just now feel sick with worry x

Hi ddee, 

I would say dont worry until you know, it might just be the mild dyskaryosis. In any case, all stages of dyskaryosis only point towards something worse and the LLETZ is just a preventitive measure, if it was found out to be worse, there is still treatment for that. If it was a low stage cancer, the cure rate is 93%, and as you get tested so often because of your dyskaryosis you will never ever get past a low stage as they catch these things early on with getting screened so often.


I hope this helps, dont worry until you know!

Hope you feel better!