appointment for treatment tomorrow worried!

In may i had my first ever smear as i turned 25 last year i tried to fob it off as routine nothing to worry about especially as i have severe anxiety and small worry sets off big panic attacks i managed to deal with the wait adament everything would come back normal to then recieve my results via letter stating there were abnormalities and i needed a colposcopy and maybe a biopsy. I got my appointment and tried putting it to the back of my mind attended my appointment which set my panic attacks off the whole time a nervous wreck especially when they then said defo having a biopsy got through it but since i barely slept counting down days for my results got my letter 2 weeks ago stating i have an appointment on 14th july (tomorrow) for cold coagulation read up what i could find on it which isnt much thus hasnt helped so now im more of a wreck than the colposcopy and cant seem to find anything about peoples experiences with it so i can have a coping method for tomorrow as it seems most people have other treatments and cold coagulation doesnt seem to be the popular when it comes to treatment

Big hugs I know it's a scary process. Try and think you are being dealt with by professionals who know what they are doing and maybe try some relaxation techniques. Google eft therapy a few ladies on here say it's really helped them. 

Good luck tomorrow just think you have got through all these things you can do this too xxx

Hi ladies, I have had HPV and borderline cell changes diagnosed through previous smear tests and had regular smear tests, the cells changed back to normal. I had my smear test back in May which showed borderline changes and HPV. I was referred for a Colopscopy. I was due to have a Polyp removed so I went ahead and had that and decided to wait and have the smear once I had recovered from that surgery.

I went for the colopscopy, she carried out a punch biopsy and another smear. I received the letter confirming that I had high Risk HPV along with a moderate to high risk Dyskaryosis and I am now booked in for a cone biopsy. There was no mention of CIN or CGIN in my letter, I just want to make sure i'm not having the cone biopsy unncessarily really, as i've read this can cause further complications. I'm just a bit confused by it all. I should have asked more questions when I saw my consultant but i wasn't taking it all in and just wanted to get out of there!

Appreciate your help! xxx



Thank you for your response i managed to read it earlier on today just before my appointment i managed to read up on a few techniques that helped a lot i managed to get through the entire procedure without a panic attack was a bit uncomfortable but glad its over with the nurses had heard of jos trust and could see just reading peoples experiences had helped me a lot and had only big praise for the people on here glad i found this forum and thank you so much for the help x

Danny's boo that's so great :) well done you for coping well.  I bet you feel v proud of yourself. Big hugs xxxxx

Gina4 hope you managed to get your answers I noticed you posted your own question and got answers. All the best xx