Appointment for a colposcopy

I have just received a letter saying I need to go for a colposcopy. I had my smear last Wednesday. I have always had normal results from previous smears. After my smear the nurse told me she could see a polyp on my cervix & asked if a nurse had mentioned this at any previous smears. They had not. Has anybody else had any experience of this. I am worried sick about what this could be. Please get in touch

Hello, I've just had the same letter. I've been reading the forums a lot (basically going out of my mind with worry!) but when I saw how low the risk is for cervical cancer it's made me feel slightly better. 

Theres a very low risk of developing cervical cancer & it may just be that we have cell changes due to a virus (hpv)

So I figure, until I've been for the procedure, it's not worth worrying myself silly over. If you'd like to keep in touch then please do. We could chat about it and hopefully see one another through this xx

Hi, my letter says I have high grade diskaryosis, I am really worried, plus the polyp I'm thinking it must be really serious. Yeah I'd like to keep in touch thanks xx we can chat & help each other thru. You seem really sensible & level headed about this xx

Mine says exactly the same. I've been doing a lot of research these past couple of days. I think in a way google can be a blessing and a curse because I've found so much info that's scared the life out of me, but it's great I've found this site! I'm glad I posted to you now because I've been keeping it to myself and it will help to know someone knows exactly how this feels. 

Im really trying not to worry too much, because you really don't know what they'll say till youve had the procedure. It could be nothing to worry about, well, you know, not nothing but treatable and totally fine in the end. 

I know it's scary & ypur tummy is almost certainly in knots (I know mine is) but let's do this in steps, appointment first, panic lol xx

I've been doing the same thing ! I'm trying not to worry but it's hard not to. I'm hoping I get an appointment for the colposcopy quickly so I can find out what it is & deal with it. I hope you do too, so yeah - deal xx

I'm going to be pushing for a quick appointment too. Has your letter said they will contact you? Things like that are designed to worry you I think!! I mean, you start to look at the worst case scenarios! Why have they got in touch so fast? Why are they saying they'll make the appointment?! 

I'm sure it's just that we are lucky to live in areas where they are fast reacting to things like this, which is a GOOD thing! :) They are on it, which means we will be checked and they will deal with whatever comes along. Which, is very unlikely to be cancer. Remember that. It's very unlikely to be actual cancer. I read on here there's something like 1.7% chance of developing full blown cervical cancer if you have smear tests and abnormalities get shown up. That's a really low % right? :) 


Yes it says they will contact me, I just want to get it done ASAP. Everyone must feel the same way though I suppose. I'm trying not to think of the worst case scenario but it's hard isn't it x

It is hard yes - I keep swinging between "oh, everything will be fine" to "OMG I am so scared - what if it IS something??" 
How old are you? I'm 39 andI have two girls who are 12. I think that's the most scary thing, your mind automatically going to the worst case scenario. 
I pulled up that info for you - it came from this site. 

What is the risk of developing cervical cancer? It has been estimated that in the UK, a woman's lifetime risk of developing cervical cancer if she does not attend cervical screening is 1.7% [1]. This means that without screening, about one in 60 women will develop cervical cancer. Cervical screening can prevent around seven out of 10 cancers [2]. This means that with screening, about one in 200 women will develop cervical cancer. - See more at:

This was the other piece of useful advice I found on this site:

The main treatments (if advised) are either to eradicate the abnormal cells or remove the area of abnormality and 95% to 98% of women are cured after one treatment. Between 2% and 5% of women do have recurrence of abnormalities, which will require further treatment [1].

Me too ! It's horrible isn't it. I'm 35 - no children tho. It must be even more worrying for you xx

thanks for the info - the letter makes things worse ! Doesn't explain anything x

Thanks. I keep reading things too. Not liking what I'm finding about polyps though :( x

;( don't keep looking lol

you see loads of people on here saying google really is the worst thing for making you totally paranoid. 

i know it's so hard (believe me, I truly do!) but try not to do any more searching until you've had that appointment. 

I'm right here with you feeling all the same horeid worried feelings, just remember, you're not on your own. 


Horrid. I'm logging in via my phone and I keep making typos! Ugh.

I'm trying not to ! 

thanks x