Appointment After Colposcopy

Hi all

My fiancée has been told to attend an appointment in 2 weeks time following her Colposcopy about 2 weeks ago.

They took 3 biopsies. I imagine a letter will also be sent out to confirm.

I’m guessing it’s bad news if they want us to go into the hospital for an appointment.

Could it be anything else? Thanks in advance

Hello, I am sure they would have rushed her in quicker rather than have her wait another 2 weeks if they suspected CC. It could just be for her to have treatment to remove the abnormal cells.

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I agree, it would have been quicker than four weeks in total I would think if they did suspect CC. Hopefully it’s just to discuss treatment x

I had mine mid December and received a letter on the 7th Jan with an appointment to discuss my results on the 19th Jan, it was the wording of the letter that concerned me the most, being someone with you, you may need and MRI or CT scan, so I called after the weekend and they advised that I had CC and bought my appointment forward to the following day at my request. I’m actually still stunned they would’ve made me wait that long for that news given the results and the contents of the letter. Of course, my experience could’ve been a one off.

My advice is always to call with any concerns and ask for a cancellation, or ask to be told over the phone if it’s something she could deal with.