Hi All,


Sorry to say I have not been on in a while. I am currently waiting an appointment for my 6 month check post LLETZ and I am terrified. To be honest, I have felt a little strange down there since it was done. Is this normal or am I being paranoid?

Just desperate for the all clear. My little one is 2 tomorrow and all this has been going on since just before her 1st birthday. I am getting the same panic I got when I received my severe change result and really want everything to be ok. Finding myself waiting for the postman again like I did 6 months ago and it is driving me mad!!

Anyone in a similar position?



Waiting is just the worst isnt it!!!

I have just had my 6 month check up post lletz and I too was terrified but it was nowhere near as bad as I had built it up in my head. They did a normal smear (but for me higher up as I have cgin) and yes it was not the most comfortable thing but these things never are i guess.

I too felt a bit strange down there but I think that is more because we know we have been messed around with and it plays on the mind.....but obviously if you have concerns mention it when you are there.

Im sure you will be just fine....sometimes we are our own worst enemy and get ourselves all worked up. 

Fingers crossed for you x