Anyone with anything similar to me?

So I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer I think stage 2b, my oncologist only told me stage 2 but I believe there is some spread to my tissue. I have had symptoms for over a year but really struggled to get anyone to listen I even had my smear in sept say I had HPV but no abnormal cells, plus a two week hospital admission this year with pelvic issues, two ct scans and internal and external which didn’t pick up the cancer.

Anyway my consultant originally thought it was early stages treatable with a hysterectomy however it isn’t so I was referred for chemo and radiotherapy however when I met the oncologist she was very grave stating she was highly concerned as I have Crohn’s disease and she hasn’t ever treated anyone with such. She is saying it is far too risky for me to have radiotherapy. She has sought a second opinion from another consultant at another hospital.

I have had a call today to come in on Monday for an app with her. I have spoken with my nurse who says she thinks but can’t be certain they are wanting to do chemo initially to see if it shrinks and then consider further treatment. I am complelty beside myself for my ‘google’ searches Chemo alone is more for palliative care … surely there more be others like with me with auto immune system diseases and cancer ?

I am so sorry worried that without radiotherapy they won’t be able to treat me

Hi Leahlouise

I haven’t had the same experience as you but as your situation sounds like it’s quite unusual I thought I’d mention that there is a large group on Facebook called the Bladder and Bowel Community Support Group. It has around 16K members and I know quite a number have had a cancer diagnosis so there might be some people on there who’ve had a similar experience to you.




I did not have this experience, but I went through chemo radiation and it definitely was very hard on my bowels. I haven’t had many issues with my bowels pre treatment, but during I had almost no solid bowel movements and would have extremely urgent bouts of diarrhea. I’m 3 weeks post treatment and it settled down significantly now… To some extent I can understand where their concern is coming from, however, I would definitely ask for direct answers on their game plan and try to set up ASAP for a second opinion as well so you know your options, have multiple opinions available and are able to proceed accordingly with treatment. Time is of the essence but you also want to make the best, most informed decision for yourself.

I hope they are able to provide you with a clearer picture on the treatment plan. Please let us know what ends up happening!

Hello, I met my oncologist yesterday. So they have sought a second opinion from an expert at birmingham hospital.

The plan is two cycles of a mix of chemotherapy mix of two carboplatin and paclitaxel then re scan me. If there is a slight reduction in size they will do two more cycles in the hope I can then have surgery. If no effect after the two cycles they are going to hit me with the chemo and radiotherapy and the plan is if my IBD begins to flare and I get an infection my Bowel will be removed and then to continue with my treatment.

I have no objection to the Bowel removal it’s something I have come to peace with years before due to my condition. I feel it’s is a solid plan and I just keep telling myself it’s going to work.



I am also stage 2b my treatment starts 3 August. Good that they have got a plan in place. Hopefully the chemo will do the trick then you can have surgery.

Let us know how you get on.

Take care xx

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I’m really glad they came up with a game plan. It sounds pretty solid and well tailored to your personal situation. I will definitely be hoping that the chemo meds do well from the start so you can avoid further procedures, but it sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders to make peace with it if it does come to that.

Keep that positive attitude going, it will get you through a lot. You got this! Let us know how it all ends up working out. I am wishing the best for you!!

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So glad to hear there’s a plan in place for your treatment and a back-up plan if they feel it’s needed. as others have said please keep us up to date with your progress and we will all be soundly rooting for you to come out of this healthy and cancer free xxx