Anyone who wants to talk?

Hi all

Posting to share my experiences to hopefully chat to some people, and also share stories with people reading the forums. I have been lurking on here for weeks through all my ups and downs!

I had my LLETZ two and a half weeks ago and am now feeling so much better (had a lot of pain and was treated for suspected infection). Now I'm waiting for the results which is killing me. I thought this was the last step (and hopefully it is) before another smear in 6 months. It all escalated quickly from a low grade smear right to CIN3. I keep telling myself it's all formalities and in the name of prevention!

Also suffering badly with my IBS this year which is now making me wake up randomly in the night being sick (last night was the last episode). I suffer with depression and this year hasn't been a good one. Normally I go to the gym to help my mood but because of healing I can't atm (discharge has got heavier so not any time soon)!

So many things going on in my head right now. So would anyone please like to chat? Share experiences even just offload so we all know we are not alone!

How long did people wait for the results of their LLETZ? I'm east Midlands told up to 6 weeks. Also where your punch biopsy results pretty much accurate in line with the results of the LLETZ?

Thanks for reading my essay and thank you in advance for - hopefully - replying!

Lots of love to all on here who provide so much support and understanding x

Hi. I was told 2 weeks wait and after 3 I phoned and they told me over the phone. 6 weeks is a long time, but the good news is that having already waited 2 and a half weeks, your results are probably not too bad. No news is good news and all that. 


I understand the excruciating waiting, I've pretty much been waiting since March for various results and it's really affected me. I've had 2 LLETZ for CGIN and am waiting for the decision from the MDT, which will be hysterectomy, but I've made my peace with that. Feel free to pm me if you want to chat.



Hi huni, hope your results come back ok. I had a cone biopsy and lletz (I think!) Under GA on Wednesday so got the horrible wait myself now. They were querying cgin and also 90% of my cervix was covered in abnormal cells but no-one has actually said what cin it is. Hope you are okay xx

Hi ladies, sorry to hear your all going through this too.

can I ask how quickly your abnormalities went from mild to servere plz? I had an abnormal smear in april last year which showed high grade and a colposcopy showed CIN3 and I had Lletz treatment done in the May.

February this year I had my 6 month check up smear which again showed borderline changes, however no HPV present. The letter said I would be back to routine 3 yearly smears.

fastforward to now I have been spotting after sex for about 4 months, bloated and pain when using tampons during my period. What's prompted the worry for me is the lower back pain I've been getting for the last week. It's more noticeable when I lay down...rang the doctors this morning and after explaining the symptoms and her checking my notes I'm off to the doctors this afternoon.

just feeling worried. Can you get cancer without HPV? And can borderline abnormal cells change in 8 months? 

Thanks for reading x

Thankyou everyone for posting and replying. Waiting still and hoping as seems the case no news means good news!

Unsure how quickly things can progress, it seems to be over a fair bit of time but I know there have been a few ladies on here where it seems to be between routine smears? Suppose we're best to just keep going for our checks as planned so they can keep an eye. Would definitely say if you're worried get things checked out with your gp even just for peace of mind (hope your appointment went ok jesshun88).

I work in a gp surgery myself and can especially sympathise with how long it is taking to turn around results at the moment. Everyone is anxious for results! 


I had my appointment yesterday. The doctor had a look at my cervix and said that it's a bit swollen and there is obvious scarring there from the Lletz I had. It hurt when she examined me and pressed down on my ovaries. I've got to have a scan done in 3 weeks time to check further we'll see :)

As we all know the waiting is the worst part. Hoping for good news for all of you xx