Anyone waiting for colposcopy

Hi everyone. I had high grade dyskaryosis from my first smear to say I am worried is an understatement I can barely sleep. My appointment was arranged Thursday I have called the appointment line this morning and asked for an earlier appointment if possible and they have booked me in tmro at 11 30 I’m happy it’s sooner and hopefully will get some answers as I can also feel a lump on my cervix.

Call them and arrange an appointment sooner the worst they can say is there’s none which is unlikely. I’m so happy I’ve rang it’s 24 hours less to sit and chew.


Yup, Katie has a good point. My doc told me that they get tons of cancellations and people changing their appointments, so your chances of nabbing an earlier one, especially if you can be flexible on times, if probably quite high!

Good luck today, hope it all goes well for you