Anyone up for a night in blackpool?? for my 40th!!!!!!!

Hi all just wanted to let you all know im arranging a night in blackpool for my 40th around the 18th of August if anyone would like to come…

I know its a long way off but wanted to get something booked if a few weeks obviously you can book individually if you wish at any time.
would be nice to celebrate with all my new found lovely friends…

Speak soon love kaz xx


Can I get back to you on that? Don’t really know what my plans are for the summer. Am hoping to do a nice holiday somewhere, health permitting, but not sure when hubby is free.
Sounds like fun, though!!!
Think I may have put my picture on, thanks to some help from Kevin - we’ll see when this goes on.
Take care,
love Gill x

The picture did appear but was STILL too big so I’ll have to try and shrink it some more! :? I do have a very large head, though… :oops:

Yeah course you can Gill, theres no rush like i say, you can book last minute if you want… good luck with the picy will be nice to see your lovely smiling face again speaks soon love kaz xx :wink:

Ello Love

I would love to come up and help you celebrate your 40th - Black pool is a right giggle!

Mellissa xxxxxxxxxx


you are never almost 40, from your photo of you i thought you were late 20s, early 30s! wow you look good honey!! :o

i went to blackpool years ago on a girly weekend and was a right laugh. maybe i could come, i will have to see how everything goes.
it would be nice to meet everyone on here!

take care

:wink: :wink: bo :o :o

Ah thanks the picy was taken a couple of years ago only a couple though!!! It is quite far away so you cant see my wrinkles, I would be honored to have you all in blackpool with me the more the merrier…

Take it easy love kaz xx :wink:

hi mate

you dont look 40 but i tell you summat try stop me ive put the date in my diary and i will be well for that weekend i will rest until the weekend before ha ha cant wait something to goal towards i might be on the floor after my 10th cocktail ha ha im so giddy now (dont get out much) love u lots debi xxx

Im so glad your gonna try and come Debs, really struggled to get a hotel just for one night!!

But managed to get one it sounds a bit dodgy i hope its not a swingers hotel :oops: :oops:

Oh well will only be sleeping in it thats if we get home ha ha… might have to go skinny dipping at 4am like in Leeds…

Take care lovey speak soon love ya loads too from kaz xx :wink:

Wish I could come but travelling to France that day. Off for a week away with in-laws?!hmm!
Sounds like a great laugh, lots of food, drink and dancing I hope.
Michele x
(still cant put a piccy up. Probably best though, i dont look half as good as u do Kaz )

I’d love to come but I’ll be doing my pilates instructors course that weekend. It’s a shame cos I’ve always wanted to go to blackpool (how sad am I? :roll: !!!)

How are you feeling about turning 40? Mine’s next month and I’m excited!! Never thought that would happen

Z x

Hi ladies, sorry you cant come but there will be other times could arrange a mass blackpool trip maybe near xmas a huge jos xmas party oh what fun!!!

Ah how sweet michelle, im sure the photo would be lovely, mine is far away so cant see my faults he he… and it was taken when i was 19, no im only kiddin honestly.

Zoe i feel ok about hitting 40 got so many plans this year i will look 50 by xmas,theres no point in worrying about iage t is there?? its going to happen so might as well just enjoy it…

Life isnt a rehearsal its the real thing as someone once told me so go ahead and make the most of it.,thats what i say.

Take care speak soon love kaz xx :wink:


u are so right about life not being a rehersal

here here!!



I will not be able to help you celebrate your 40th in glorious Blackpool as I will be on holiday in Italy. Off to see the out-laws, so not really a holiday as such.

Blackpool is ace. The last time I went was years ago and we went to see a strip show…they were called the Dream Boys and I have never quite forgotten the sight of a man covered in baby oil in a mock shower with a flourescent g-string glowing under the UV lights. Fantastic!! :lol: :lol: :o

I am sure you night will be equally unforgettable.

Bethany x :wink: x

Hiya Kaz

I wil be at my sons wedding as he gets married on 18th august. Im soo excited, so very happy i can be there.

have a happy, happy birthday


Thanks Julia, im so pleased that you are going to your sons wedding how lovely!!!

I hope you have a lovely day i will be thinking of you, when im screaming and feeling sick on the rollercoasters ha ha…

Take care love kaz xx :wink: