Anyone no why

Hi all I had a colposcopy on friday and it was not as bad as I thought it would be never got told anything so got a lot off waiting again :( I had loop treatment too as I have high grade all went well the only thing that worried me was that the Docter keep asking for pics off my cerivx is this normal too do this as never heard anyone say about this I think am just feeling down and got my worry hat on :) 

Hello duchess, do u mean that the doctor was asking the nurse to take the pictures During your colposcopy? If so I am guessing that he did this as you had your lletz treatment he will need to know which part of your cervix was treated and which parts wasnt. It makes sense to do that as if you went back in the future with another abnormal smear then they would know exactly what happend the last time you were seen. I really don't think it means anything other than the doctor being detailed in his procedure. I hope this helps, yet I'm not speaking out of experience so hopefully a lady who had a lletz may reply to you and help you some more. Hope you are ok though xxx

Hi thank you getting back too me and yes that's what I ment about Docter they were all so nice but I just forgot too ask anything at all even though they talked a lot I was not really listening of you no what I mean :) the pics were taken off my cerivx before I had loop so it just worried me a bit but I think your right he was just doing a good job and means they can look back if they need too thank you for writing back x

Hi Duchess,

Yes they take a lot of before and after pictures nothing to worry about :-) information that they will need to keep hold of incase of any other abnormal smears.

Trudy x

I had my colposcopy on Monday and the consultant took 4 pictures of my cervix 


I had a little look on the screen wish I never now the whole thing was just a white mess :/


the nurse said it was to put i. My medical records xx