Anyone know how to change hospital for colposcopy?

I’m 38 and been having my smears religiously every time I was first invited. Always normal. Letter comes through today (dated 30th Oct) from national screening service saying low grade dyskarosis and HPV. Oh dear. Letter says hospital referral has been arranged for me. There’s no further information, like which hospital or date? (I live between two hospitals)

I ring GPs and receptionist says there’s nothing on system about a referral but I could ring Hospital X as they might know because that’s where I will be going. I was in Hospital X for a week in June as an inpatient (for emergency abdominal surgery). It was awful, really understaffed and badly managed. I don’t want to ever go back there. For anything. The very thought if it makes me cry. I ring gynae department at that hospital and they have no record of my referral either.

I asked both my GPs receptionist and the gynae department receptionist how I can change the hospital and they’re both like “d’oh!” I ask for a phone number of the department where the results come from and they’re like “there isn’t one and we don’t ever contact them”.

I am actually thinking about going private because I cannot psychologically face going back to that horrid hospital. Even when I drive past the town it is in, my chest goes tight and I start having flashbacks.

Anyone managed to change hospitals for their colposcopy or got any ideas of how to do it?

Found this leaflet online which might help. If your GP receptionist doesn’t know what to do then ask to speak to the practice manager. 


Dare I suggest making a visit to the colposcopy department of the dreaded hospital?  It's OK just to drop in at reception and they may be able to help, also it's just possible that you may feel the department is OK when you're there. I used to work in a hospital and you can have a good department right next to a not so good department, in the same building.  Maybe you could get a friend to go with you if it feels too daunting.  Or it might be worth visiting the colposcopy department of the other hospital you are near, to see if they help in some way.


All departments on all hodpital are very very diff. Def take a visit xx