Anyone in Wales (Cardiff) please tell me how long you have waited for biopsy results? 5wks today is no news good news?

Hi all 

wow how hard is the long wait! I was informed results would take upto 6 weeks i had colposcopy and biopsies taken 5 weeks ago today I was also told then that i have an ectopy which is quite common. I had ectopy cauterised and also had Lletz treatment after suspected cin 2-3 showed up on my smear. What I'm most concerned about is that I was informed that an ectopy can mask a smear result? Being positive I assumed this meant that there probably isn't cin as bad as they first thought? However then it later came to me that what if I have had cin for a while and it's gone unrecognised due to the ectopy? Anyway been waiting 5 weeks today for biopsy results still nothing but feel more impatient than ever now, am hoping no news is good news thoug? How long have others waited for results? 

Hi there I'm from wales..not quite cardiff but all my appointments have been down the heath hospital  (uhw) first biopsy I had done on a Tuesday and they were ringing me the following Monday. .my last biopsy I had done on the 25th may and I'm goin tomorrow for the results. .if you're anxious can you not give them a call xx

I'm in Wales too but the other end of the country, up north! I'd think 5 weeks was a case of no news is good news...I had an appointment 5 weeks after my colposcopy and biopsy but i had letters just over 2 weeks after it, cancelling my appointment and a new one for the end of that week. They'd only found cin3 at that point but my gynaecologist was convinced it looked worse and was unfortunately right. I think they're pretty good at knowing exactly what they're looking at so I'm confident that this is a good sign for you xxx

Thanks I'm trying to reassure myself no news is good news! But I think I will call them tomorrow, it just seems so long to wait to hear. They must have my results back by now surely. I do understand that there will definitely be urgent cases they will need to deal with first and I haven't wanted to pester them but every day I've been waiting for post or a phone call, I'll ring them tomorrow x 

Thanks I think I will take your advice and ring them I haven't wanted to pester as they did say upto 6weeks to me do you mind me asking why you have had to have another biopsy done? x

Yea defo ring them it will put you're mind at ease 3 month post treat ment mri scan was inconclusive so I had to have an laparoscopy and biopsy done to see what's goin on xx

I'm from Wales and had a colposcopy and biopsies taekn from the Royal on 25th May.....I'm still waiting for my results, it'll be 2 weeks tomorrow. 

I'd give them a ring to find out. X 



Im from wales in the last year ive had 2 lots of treatment and biopsys taken but came back with results quite quick it showed really high grade cells and again today been back had to take another biopsy so im waitin again for the results.... if im waiting a long time tho i will be ringing them hope this helps sue x

I'm from Cardiff and I've had to wait a few times for results over the last few years. Typically 6-8 weeks but always worth ringing around the 6 week mark.

The team at Heath are really lovely and usually ring back too.

Good luck