Anyone in Birmingham

Hi, is anyone else in here waiting for biopsy results in Birmingham ? I was told 4/6 weeks. Just wondering how long other people’s are taking ? X

Not in Birmingham specifically, but I’m in the Midlands, mine took 4 weeks to come through. The letter was delayed due to the postal strikes (end of last year) so at the fourth week I called up the department and they advised me over the phone of the results. The letter came the following week.


I’m in Solihull, I got my biopsy results in the post today, 5 weeks today since I had the biopsy, they said to me on the phone that they are still dealing with results from back in December. They said they are pulling people out if they need to be.

My results are going to the mtd meeting next Thursday and then an appointment has been booked for me on the 18th of April.

Thank you ! Seems pretty much to be what they estimate then x

Thank you ! Hopefully no news is good news for now x

Hope you’ve had your results through now and it’s good news!
I’m in East Mids but still waiting on my biopsy results from a month ago. I actually got a letter through for a cancelled appointment (due to doc strikes), and when I called to find out what on earth was going on they told me the consultant has to sign off on your results before they send you them which can cause a delay if they’re not in the clinic much. So I think that can contribute to the wait times, it’s nothing to worry about.
I’ve actually since been for a LLETZ treatment, and was verbally told my colposcopy results at that appointment but still haven’t had the actual results letter.
Good luck everyone waiting, crossing my fingers we all hear soon. The waiting is the worst bit IMO.

Did you go to the Womens? I got mine back in 2 weeks. I think the results come back pretty quick but slow on the admin.