Anyone have experience of PRD and lower back pain?

Hi, I've not been on here for ages but I've just read the post about PRD at the top of this page and have just realised that this is what I probably have.

I've had blood in my urine (scary looking red pee) since July on and off. Some days I'm fine and others will have blood. I've been tested for infectionand they found nothing. I've just put in another test today on request from my nurse.

I've also been have increasing lower back (tailbone area) pain since April. I had an MRI back in May, which found some inflammation. I've just had another MRI last week and I'm waiting on the results of that.

Has anyone else been through these problems?  Was there anything that helped?

I had my treatment this time last year and these have been the only problems I've had so far.


Much Love

Megsmaw x

Hi Megsmaw,

Sorry I can't help but didn't want to read and run. It must be quite scary for you, though presumably PRD is a whole lot more comforting than a recurrence.

Be lucky :-)

Is anyone experiencing PRD? I have been cance free since 1995 (Radical Hysterectomy) and had 30 treatments of Radiation in December of 1995. For the last 10 years I have been having bowel issues. Severe now! All this time I just chalked it up to, "Oh, I'll be fine" and I ignored the issues and symptoms. Now it's so bad that I am going to Mayo Clinic since all the other Dr's in my area want to diagnose it as IBS. I KNOW this is not what I have. I realize I am not a Dr but I know my body and I am 100% certain I have Pelvic Radiation Disease. I just want to talk with others who are going through this.