anyone have AIS and EGD/cone biopsy

I went for a second opinion to make sure i am following the right path and they gave me my lab results so I now understand a little more. I have AIS and they also checked my glandular cells and they found atypical cells wuggestive of endocervical gland dysplasia(EGD) I am having a cone biospy done next tuesday. Has anyone else had a similar finding? and anyone have a cone biospy? I am very nervous about the cone.


Hi Yankees,

I had a cone biopsy to treat cc 4 weeks ago. It’s really ok. I had it under GA and also had lymph nodes removed at the same time. The cone was just fine, I had some discharge for a few weeks afterwards but never any pain. Hope this helps, it’s nothing to be nervous about. Worst but was the injection to be anaesthetised!

Good luck, Lisa x x

Thank you for your response. I guess from my understanding they are using the cone as a diagnostic element as of now. How long did it take you to recover? My doctor said 5 days. Were you able to go back to work? I also have a 3 and 1/2 month old baby at home that I will need to take care of. I am just wondering if I should get someone to help me. Thank you!