Anyone had this problem before.

Hi all 

I'm new here and wanted to post to pick anyones brains thats been in the same situation as me.

My history

7 years ago had massive bleed at 35 weeks pregnant bleed comin from cervix. Baby was born and a  colposcopy done. All fine but i had a erosion.

3 years ago abnom smear. CIN1  - colposcopy done Dr said my body should fight it and put it right and to repeat smears as normal. Erosion still present.

Last month smear teast abnormal cells high grade (moderate) dyskaryosis. Colposcopy done today. Nothing showed up after the irodine etc was applied. Dr has requested my smear on slides to discuss with 4 otherpeople at a meeting next week. And the smear be removed. She said my erosion is big and advised treatment.(i know erosins are nothing to do with cc) She will write or call me with whats decided after fridays meeting. But asked of id be wanting to treat it if its down scaled to mild grade (i said yes)

Has this happened to anyone else. Im starting to get concerned that the dyskaryosis is further up or that I've been given the wrong results. Is this possible or am i over thinking the situation. 

I'm just shocked that nothing was highlighted the lady also seemed confused.

Anyone advise anything or had the same problem. 




Hi racheal Im sry iv no advice for you only I got my results an it's cin3 an looks to be traveling to the womb waiting now to have treatment an camera to womb see wat goin on I posted ere yesterday about mine nobody replied I hope you got some answers back xx