Anyone had the same? (pregnancy mentioned)

Hi guys, so I had my colp a few months ago, cin 3 and follow up in 6 months. now this may be nothing to worry about but I'm still a worrier..


So a few weeks ago I lay in bed with my hand in my stomach. Suddenly thought - I feel pregnant, I was kinda bloated and it felt rounded, few days later I was talking to a friend, I'd thrown up two mornings in a row a d felt like poo basically, certain I was pregnant.. BUT, I've had the implant in for almost two years, I'm that unlucky it probably would happen to me! I though 'if I squeeze my boob and nothing comes out, I'm not pregnant' random I know but my mind is strange... Guess what?! White liquid came out slowly! It's still coming out but only if I squeeze, but I came on my period over a week ago, normal flow and lasted 5-6 days, 2-3 days after it finished, a very small amount of blood when I wiped, literally light pink so may have been old .. 

I had done a few home tests a few weeks ago but negative, went to Dr she pretty much laughed at me but did consent to a blood test, didn't know I had to go to a different clinic, that runs in the morning, I started a new job and couldn't make it so left it and then waited for period.  That came and went.

so now i've been off my period maybe 4-5 days but I'm getting slight period cramps, not that painful but noticeable, right accross my pubic line area and this is not normal for me, 


So I'm just wondering has anyone had anything similar? Should I worry? I've read up that some nipple discharge / lactation is normal so I'm not overly worried about that. 

Just worried because I'm a worrier and sure something will happen that's not good either now or in years to come.

thanks for reading and for any replies