Anyone had laser treatment?

Hello All, 

this is is my first time on the forum. I've recently had my latest biopsy results back which have shown CIN3 cells. I've had a few colposcopies and biopsies over the last two years but as the changes have progressed the hospital has now recommended treatment. They have booked me in for laser treatment which they have said can be done under general or local anaesthetic. So far I have opted for general as I'm really nervous and squeamish about the procedure and have experienced pain after colposcopies and biopsies. What makes my situation a little tricky is that I am booked to leave the country and go travelling in early January, and my procedure isn't scheduled until 12th December, so now I'm concerned about healing time and wondering if it could be done quicker if I opted for local anaesthetic instead. My question is, has anyone here had laser treatment? What were your experiences if you had this under local or general? Obviously my priority is to get myself fit and well and I really don't want to be leaving the uk without knowing if I'm completely better. 

thanks for reading,

Martha x


I had laser treatment last Decemeber under GA. I had 3 areas lasered plus a LLETZ treatment at the same time. The GA was straightforward and to be honest I was relieved to be asleep for the procedure.  I was groggy for a few days afterwards but it was all done in a short space of time as day surgery, and within a few hours I was home again.

I did get an infection afterwards but I think this was due to the LLETZ rather than the laser treatment, and it was obvious within a week so I was able to get antibiotics pretty quickly. 

Hope this helps and good luck with your treatment x