Anyone had laser treatment or CIN on outside of cervix?

I've just had my latest colposcopy after years of abnormal results. The doc saw some CIN on the outer edge of my cervix as well as some other spots near the transformation zone.  As it can't be done with LLETZ (loop), I'm going to have laser and LLETZ done under GA.

I know laser treatment is less common these days. Has anyone had this treatment? Or has anyone had CIN on the ouside of their cervix?

Thanks for reading.


aswel as being diagnosed with a CIS of my cervix I also had adnormal cells around my cervix in my vaginal walls. this was diagnosed as VAIN3. This is pretty much the same as CIN3 although its on the vaginal walls rather than cervix. 

on Monday I had a trachelectomy to remove my cervix but had laser treatment on the areas that had spread to the vaginal walls. I also had some laser treatment inside my womb to treat abnormalities. 


Thanks for your reply. Sounds like you've been through the mill, I'm sorry. I hope you're recovering well after your op.