Anyone had Glandular neoplasia endocervical & high grade dysk ?

Has anyone been told they have high grade (severe) squamous dysk AND glandular neoplasia of endocervical
Really worried as doctor has said both !!!
I have my hospital appointment on Monday.
So grateful that I’ve only had to wait a few days …
Any advice would be appreciated
Kind regards

Hi hun I have that my smear picked up endocervical cell abnormality and then when I went to colposcopy it found cin as well I had an endocervical biopsy and also a lletzs and am waiting on results. It a scary time but I'm told it's very treatable xxx 

Thank you

just feels like its if people have one or the other not both.

its all I've thought about I can't seem to snap out of this constant feeling of anxiety.

i was so late going for my smear (8yrs) I can't stop blaming myself.

how long have you got to wait for your biopsy results & did they perform the lletz and the biopsy on the same day as the Colposcopy ?



Hi hun

dont blame yourself for missing your smear I was late having mine by a year and it still there and won't change anything. I completely understand I am a natural worrier and the thought of it so scary and comes with me everywhere. I think the cgin is what worries me most. I had the smear on the 31/03/16 but the results took two weeks to come. I then had colposcopy on the 29/04/16 and he did the Lletzs there and then and an endocervical biopsy and womb sample. I have to wait up to six weeks for results its the worst part i think x the cin he said was moderate and this hadn't been picked on smear x


thank you for replying this forum and website has been an absolute saviour to me I think I would have gone crazy over the last few days not being able to chat to others going through similar tests.

I hope you get your results soon the waiting is the worst part.

Im in on Monday at 10 am so just need to keep myself busy tomorrow!!

I'm expecting a biopsy too along with some treatment as they say the CiN is severe , but doubled with the CGIN I'm not really sure what else will be done or discussed, just grateful it will be done so soon.

thanks again for the reply

hope to speak to you very soon 

Mel xx


Oh good Mel glad you have got your appointment mine was at ten so that's good at least your not waiting all day x  you will be fine so don't worrie and just keep thinking your in your way to finding answers and getting it removed x 

thank you & yes it's the start of my journey which I hope wont be long.

didn't ever think I would find myself on a forum like this always tbought it would happen to others but not yourself, but at least I have others to talk to.

no doubt I will update on Monday after procedure, Hubbie coming along for support x

take care x


Hi Mel,

good luck for today at colposcopy you will be fine x

Thank you for your message X

Just got back home.

The nurses were so lovely & the one held my hand during the general anaestheti which was sweet.

got a shock when they showed me the screen my whole cervix was white with it stetching up into the womb. She said it was as severe as you can get.

They performed the LLETZS which was ok not as bad as I expected so that was a relief.

I have glandular neoplasia showing up on my smear so they took some biopsy's too & she is fast tracking for a 2 week turn around ... Going to feel like forever!

just going to keep busy with work and the kids and hopefully it will fly by.

fingets crossed for us both xx

let me know if you hear anything.

Mel x


Hi Mel 


glad it went as well as it could for you

when you say you saw the cervix and it was all white are you referring to the area around the opening? you said it goes up in the womb how did they see this? Also did u have the  endocervical biopsy ( the painful one) fingers crossed for us  both xI have been waiting for ten days so far xx

She showed me the small opening which leads to the womb as she stretched it slightly you could see the white where they had put the iodine onto the cervix.

i don't know which biopsy they did I didn't ask ?

but I may call back & ask that question, do you think I should ?

all I know it's on an urgent biopsy turn around which is good to know.


oh ok well that's good. I didn't see the inside of mine I sid see white all around the opening but pink around the edges x hope we find out quickly x

Thanks Katex lets hope we hear good news very soon !

do you have good days & bad days ?

Im only on day 2 and I've been up and down all day !!

mel x

Hi ladies 

Hope you're recovering well. 

I went for my colposcopy on Monday and was told my smear is also showing high grade dysk and glaunder neoplasia of endocervical. 

Im struggling to find much information or many who have the same, so I'm glad I've found you! I've been stressing as this was my first smear at 34 (silly I know) and I'm worried as the cells are higher it means what ever it is has spread! 

They wanted to do a loop biopsy on Monday to be able to see the affected area higher up but as I'm due to go on holiday at the end of this week I chose to delay the biopsy until the day o get back. (They were not very happy about me doing this and I'm now worrying my self sick that I'm just delaying the treatment) 

I have a few questions ; 

was the loop biopsy painful? And how has the recovery been? (Id prefer to be prepared) 

will I be ok to drive home after? I was planning on going alone as my boyfriend will have to look after our 2 year old son, my mum has offered to come but feel bad as it'll mean her taking a day off work! 

Hope you're results come through quickly! 

Lyndsey X 

Hi lyndsey 

I am 37 and was 8 years over due for my smear ( I know how you must be feeling)

Your smear results sound the same as mine , I had a call from the doctor last Thu and had my urgent colposcopy on the Monday.

Firstly let me put your mind at rest about the procedure , for me it was a lot better than I imagined , the nurses were lovely & explained everything she was doing throughout the whole process & chatted to me about other things to keep my mind off what they were doing.

I had the Lleezs treatment & my biopsy's taken at the same time , the needl to numb the cervix stung a little but the procedure to remove the pre cancer cells didn't hurt at all.

you can choose to watch on the screen if you prefer , I did for the first part so I could see the amount of cells (which turn white when they put the iodine on them) but I looked away for the rest of it !!

my Biopsy is on a 2 week urgent turnaround due to the high grade of cells , I'm only on day 3 and already climbing the walls.

when do you go on holiday ? & when are you booked in for ?

we go away in 2 weeks but personally I didn't want to wait until I got back.

mel x

We go away on Saturday. 

i had waited over 2 weeks for my colpospy appointment, so my aguement when they started saying I shouldn't leave it was I'd already waiting over the time they said it should be and had put myself on the cancellation list as soon as I had got my appointment date so close to holiday! 

if it hadn't of been so close to holiday, I'd of had it done, but I wasnt  confident enough i wouldn't still be bleeding plus the risk of infection! I know it's completely different but I had a bad 3rd degree tear after having my son that  than toke 6 months to heal and I think I'm worried it's gonna be the same thing again! I can cope with that at home but not on a family holiday! 

I'm back at the hospital the day I get back the 25th, we land early hours and my appointment is at 1.30. Just hope we are not delayed! 

Im used to having people looking round down there, after the follow ups with my tear and Im currently under the incontiance team due to damage caused to my pelvic floor and bladder from having my son, so not too worried about the biopsy, just mmore worried about after! hopefully my results will be back quickly. 

Hope you get you're results soon and that it's good news! Xx

Hi hun

Go & enjoy your holiday at least you know you will be seen the day you get back.

Im hoping as soon as I get my results back and it's good news then I will be booking myself a holiday , God knows with all this stress I certainly need one !!

I have kept myself super busy today , and I'm working Thu , FrI & Sat so this week should go quickly !!

take care xx