Anyone had a CT scan trigger . . .

Hello my lovelies :-)

I had my umpteenth CT scan on Friday and normally I am, well, normal, straight afterwards. This time however I feel exactly like I did on week 4 of chemo rads; utterly exhausted and dare not stray too far from the loo.

OK I accept that an 8-hour journey on Thursday followed by 18 or so hours nil-by-mouth may well explain the exhaustion, but the trots? I've never had this reaction before.

So what I'd like to know is, does anyone else have any experience of a CT scan triggering a bout of diarrhoea or could it just be down to something else?

Thanks :-)


Thats the short answer!

CT's do use radiation so may of flared something up. Did you have the 'wee yourself' jab? Stress? Bug?

Whatever it is hopes it sorts itself out.....and in your own words.....Be Lucky. x


Cheers ;-)

I did wonder if it was the radiation kicking something off, I have had my fair share after all. Not sure exactly what you mean by the 'wee yourself' jab, unless you mean the one that makes various body parts go hot and tingly. Yes! I get 3 x 100ml of those and this time around I also got 2 x 100ml of antidote saline solution afterwards.

Am finding that starving myself cures the trots, well, it would wouldn't it!

Thanks ;-) Hope things are going OK for you too

Hope you are feeling better Tivoli.

Don't think it was the CT scan, do you?

Probably an upset tummy and just a coincidence. 





Thanks Naz, yes, things are quite a bit better today. I never get an upset tum, which is why I wondered, since it was all so similar to how I was during treatment. I see you've had a whopping 31 radio! I won't question your wisdom :-)


Glad to read you are feeling better.

yEs, 31 ext. radios kept me busy right up to Christmas. From time to time I still need to get to the loo pronto but otherwise all is well.

PET scan had shown I had an inflamed lymph node and another one was borderline so the onco decided to add 3 booster external radios to fry up the guilty nodes.

As I was tolerating the chemo reasonably well we added chemo number 6 to the list as well.

I listened to the experts and their plan worked And life is sweet!





How you feeling?


Thanks for asking Julia :-)

I've been fine thanks, but off in rural Ireland with no internet access. Lovely to be back home on a tiny remote island with whizzy-bang communications. Just catching up with everyone on the forums.

Wishing you all the best sweetheart, it's a tough time you are having just now