Anyone had a cone biopsy?

Have any of you had a cone biopsy?  What was your experience? Have you healed well? Any complications?  Any return of abnormal cells?  

I had a cone biopsy. At my last visit to my doctor it showed that I still have abnormal cells, however, my margins were clear at the time of surgery.  It took me a long time took to heal since my biopsy surgery So I'm wondering if this is normal. My doctor told me that my cervix was inflamed and it had a small crack in it. It would bleed if she even touched it. And this was six months after my surgery. What is your experience?  

I am in a very similar position to you.  Healing issues and a return of CIN1 after 2 years post-cone biopsy (borderline and koilocytosis results before that).

Its a massive pain in the arse, but my doctors dont seem too worried.  I'm on a 6 month call back, so see if it gets worse (as it might go away apparently!), and they want to avoid more surgery unless they have to. 

I have my own doubts if maybe healing issues can increase the risk of recurrance as the area is more open to infections and the cells growing abnormally.  Its something i'm going to ask the dr about when i go back to the hosp.  And i have other medical problems that impact on my ability to heal.

But if the hosp is right it may all settle down, in some people it can take longer. 

also getting checked regularly is the best place to be.

Hope things get better for you.  take care. xxx


Let me know how things are for you as you go along! Thanks! Good luck to you also!