Anyone had a bath lately ?

Hi there
Just wondering - it’s three weeks post lletz and I’m really wanting a bath. Everything seems at bay so am hoping a bath without bubbles will be ok??,
Anyone shed any light?

I had a bath 3 weeks and 4 days after! I am such a person it was killing me! I just bathed in water, so soap or bubble bath but it was heaven! x

Ooh glad you asked this! We have just had a new bath fitted and Im yet to use it. Im probably one of those who will wait until the full 4wks. I've got it ringed on my calander lol x

the leaflet I got said you could have a bath after 2 weeks - I'm 2 weeks post lletz tomorrow- can't wait to have a bath!!

I was 3 weeks post LLETZ at the start of this week, and had a bath - all seems to be ok! :) I was still getting some (TMI) brownish discharge at that point, and it might have been a bit more watery for a couple days after lol, but no real change

Well I had a bath and it was beautiful!!

no radox as of yet but it was still good!! 3 weeks 2 days post lletz and all seems okay. My period was really light???? Anyone else experienced that? I thought if anything would have been heavier. Guess our bodies all respond differently.

the wait for results isn't getting any easier though :( 


I was 3 weeks wednesday from lletz and yesterday i had a little bath lol.. Just laying in there for a few mintutes was heaven...I was told 4 weeks but i've stopped bleeding and everything so thought there wouldn't be any harm. Zoeelaina my period clashed with the bleeding from lletz so was really heavy never had bleeding like it! Ive also noticed we pretty much had our lletz the same time, i got my results just under 2 weeks after the lletz. Fingers crossed for you xx