Anyone got/had CIN3 and CGIN3

Hi I'm 25 and ad my first smear aug 2013, which to my surprise came back CIN3, I went to colposcopy and had lletz, biopsies came back that the abnormal cells had also spread all way up to my womb and CGIN3, I've not thought too much about it but it's my 6 month check in a few week and gettin nervous as I have been worse with the pains and bleeding since the lletz, was wondering if any one had any advise on what will happen and if the pains could be worse because of the abnormal cells or just from having the lletz, obviously I'm only young and didn't want to be having a hysterectomy just yet if things are worse, hope some one can help x

Hi Tezzat, wanted to say Hi and send you a big hug.. I understand how you are feeling at the moment. Most important thing to do is listen to your docs, they will be monitoring and keeping a close eye on you. Remember that these cells are PRE and not Cc! A lot of girls cans clear Cgin with Lletz and cone biopsy so try not to worry too much. I opted to have the Hysterectomy as I was having problems with my period and had completed my family so it was a better option for me. Please keep us updated and we are all here to help and support you.

shaz x

Thank you fot your support, I've had trouble with my periods in the past bt since having the lletz I've had so much more pain than I've ever had, so bit confused to why this is, ive got children and although I don't want any more at this moment the thought of not been able to have any more scares me a bit, ive not really been told anything just that i will be jept a clise eye on fir tye next 10 year, I will keep u updated with wot they say, thanx again x

No probs hunnie, look forward to your update. Take care xx Shaz