Anyone gone to a GYN/ONC for CGIN?

Hi there, so just a quick background… 6 months ago I was treated for CIN3 and CIS and I have just had my 6th month follow-up colposcopy and pap smear, doctor said all looked fine. I was called in 2 days later and told I now have CGIN. The doctor called the lab to re-run the pap smear and confirm… they did and confirmed. I immediately went in for a cervical canal curettage, endometrial biopsy and cervical biopsy. (OUCH BTW)

I didn’t really have questions on the day as I was a bit in shock. Now I am wondering… Is this likely;

  1. bad cells left behind,
  2. never before detected cells, or
  3. has my body most likely just developed this is the last 6 months?

I am also concerned as I read that CGIN should actually be treated by a GYNO/Oncologist as it is a rarer type and most Gyno’s don’t know how to deal with it. I am only 30 with no kids. Getting ahead of myself but really don’t fancy a hysterectomy solution yet I don’t want a mild approach either to save fertility and have to stay on this nightmarish merry-go-round. Anyone gone to a GYN/ONC for CGIN?

Thanks in advance