Anyone from Oxford?

 Hello ladies.

Just wondering how long did you wait for your biopsy results from the Oxford Colposcopy Clinic.

 I hate this waiting,  I know everyone is having to wait, but I can't proceed with investigations into my symptoms until my results come back. I keep dreaming that I get the "phone call" and not the letter indicating I need to go back.

Many Thanks


Xx xx xx

Hi sammie, I’m not from Oxford but from Liverpool so can’t help with this question. I did only wait a week for my biopsy results though I’m thinking because mine was advanced so hopefully as you haven’t heard anything I would take it as no news is good news. I know it’s a stressful time I hated it just for that week but my sister harassed them nearly every day which I’m grateful for as my news was not so good!

Hope you here soon wishing you all the luck in the world

Laura xx

Hey Sammie,

I’m not in Oxford either but my biopsy results were rushed through in a week after colposcopy. She pretty much told me I had cancer and to be concerned so I knew I was in for bad news. It was the worst week of my life so I really feel for anyone waiting.

I think as Laura says, the longer you have to wait the better xx

Hi I am also awaiting results but again  I'm not in your area but I agree with above posts that the longer it seems to take the better the news so I am also clinging on to that. so glad I came across this site . Good luck everyone in your treatment my thoughts are with you all xx