Anyone experienced anything similar?

In brief... Back pain on and off this year with spotting frequently since july when an ectropian was discovered. Had this cauterised 5 weeks ago and punch biopsies all clear of pre cancer and cancer. I do have the hpv virus. So i have been discharged from colposcopy. I bled 5 days after the colposcopy for 3 weeks not too heavily, which i took as part of the recovery process. A week of no bleeding and now have quite a bit of discharge, which at first was a normal appearance, but now is a bloody colour, not bright blood. All the emphasis has been on the erosion from the beginning, yes there was one present, but only small and ive never bled after sex?! I asked about cervical cancer higher up in the cervix (adenocarcinoma?) and consultant said it's rare and would have been picked up on smear (i had one in 2010 and 2013) with next one due in a year. I have an ultrasound on sunday after pushing my doctor for one for the back pain. How reliable is this for a diagnosis? Had two lots of full blood count down in august and last week for feeling unwell and all normal. I have fatigue and nausea, it wakes me up around 6am without fail the nausea. Been told its likely to be side effects to antidepressant, which Ive been taking for just over two weeks. Also anxiety has been mentioned for my feeling of unwell. Ive exhausted the doctor lately, so just relying on ultrasound, what do they look for?


Many thanks