Anyone else

Hi I am just over a year after treatment and I am still  shattered  all time  n running on  empty and very achy all over And still the loo 3 times a night to pass urine anyone.else still like this I'm getting so tired

Hi Helpme

I am a year past my radical ysterectomy amd i still hurt in my ankles amd stiff when i get up from sitting. I also go to the bathroom alot at night too. I am waiting on my ct scan results and i am scared. I worry about it coming back all the time. I will also be a year from radation and chemo in may too. U r not alone :-)

Bless u just getting  me so down 

I just tell myself it is a small price to pay to be still here. We have been throught alot. I try and take it one day at a time. I thank god everyday for the day ahead of me:-)

U r so right there where I cud b now is so  unthinkable I feel like  I'm always  moaning xx

Moan away we have been throught alot 

Have u Eva  tried  vesicare for over active bladder 

Sorry,no i have not ever used vesicare. Maybe someoe will come along that has use it. I hope all works out for u. 

Hi helpme

I thought it was just me. My treatment finished in August 17 ned November 17. I still feel very tired some days and the itching is driving me insane. My palms are in an awful mess really dry and deep cuts due to the itching. I do try not to scratch have had lots of different creams from gp. My bladder seems to have settled a little so hopefully everything else will settle too. 

Hope you feel better soon keeping positive staying strong 


Bless u it's nice to know I'm not alone but it not nice that  others  r suffering  2