anyone else the same

i had a radical tracalmoy Oct 2014 with removal of lymphs. I had to go back in march 2015 to get my stitch adjusted as it was causing pain. Since I have had my operation I get so tired everyday around 3pm I am exhausted with no energy I feel like I zone out and am not really here. I also get really sore legs from the nerve damage wer I cant walk without it beening painful. Is anyone else feel like this after there operation is this normal!! Katie xx

Hi Katie

So sorry to hear you are having issues.

I had a trachelectomy in February.  I don't get tired each day but I definitely have whole days that I feel completely wiped out, particularly if i've overdone it.  You forget what a huge op it is and it does take time to get back to 'sort of normal!'  Are you feeling okay in yourself?  I know when im feeling a bit down about things I also tend to get very tired as well.  You can't underestimate the impact stress can also have on your body.

I've taken up Yoga and Pilates which helps reduce stress and seems to give me more energy too!  Are you managing to exercise?

I do have nerve damage but this is just numbness at the top of my thighs - never pain.  If I had this I would definitely go back to my Doctors.  Have you had any swelling or just the pain??

I really hope you get the answers you need and start to feel better soon 

N x