Anyone else teary after surgery?


hi girls,


is is anyone else finding they're a hormonal mess after surgery? I'm 2.5 weeks post op and I'm teary, angry, and a bit low. 


My period was due due a week after the op... I don't think I've had it yet.... anyone know anything about this as well? What can I expect?




Hi Gilly, Can't answer your question on periods after trachelectomy, but I think you can expect any kind of emotional upheaval after diagnosis. I really don't know how much of it is hormone related, but just having a cancer diagnosis and needing surgery is enough to send ones emotions all over the place. Usually there is little time to come to terms with it all as you are on a conveyor belt of appointments, scans and treatment. I remember being tearful at times, fed up and low too, but be kind to yourself and just allow it all to happen. Hopefully you have some understanding folk around you who wont be too alarmed with it all. Good luck in your recovery both physical and emotional 

Yes! I've been teary and low off and on since my surgery. 

Having good days too...hang in there...

I think it is totally normal! Hope you are on the road to reovering :) x