Anyone else suffering from long term side effects from LEEP/LETZ?

Hi everyone, I had a LEEP 12 years ago, and have really struggled ever since with my sex drive, painful sex, and have a lot of tension in my pelvic area. I wondered if anyone had gone through anything similiar?

Hi. I'm 6 months post lletz and have had to be referred back to the colp clinic they tried to do my test for cure and I was in tears with the pain, I have never had pain with smears and have been checked for infection and all fine and had us scanof my pelvis and internal ones, I have had so much pain since mine and my sex drive has pretty much gone. I'm always so tense down there I feel almost as if I'm clenching my cervix. The small amount of times iv had sex has been uncomfortable and very tense and I'm left with cramps in my lower stomach, pelvis and thighs. The dr is adamant it Is not from the lletz but hopefully the gyne can shed light on this. The lady who attem my smear said my cervix is badly scared and she thinks it's that. Mine was cin3 over a large area. Has your dr not said what it could be? Xx