Anyone else leaky after a lletz?! When will it stop! (TMI overload sorry ladies)

Had a lletz on Monday and have had no pain or bleeding (yay) just a weird watery discharge (not so yay). And it's a LOT. I fill a pad with this stuff within an hour. It looks like pee but isn't pee, and I can feel it constantly seeping out. It doesn't smell of anything I've smelt before (yes, i had to check it wasn't pee) -  almost sweet?! I can't think what it could be... Why would a cut be constantly leaking out yellowy fluid?! I really hope it clears up soon, I'm considering buying incontinence pads because even the highest absorbancy regular pads aren't holding it! All the information just says I may experience bleeding.. But there is absolutely no blood! Is this normal? I'm sure it's not infected as this started straight afterwards. 



I had my lletz 13th feb. Id say first 10days a had a yellowy discharge and thought great no bleeding. The scab comes off after about 10 days. The yellowy stuff then stopped and on came the gritty scab bits and dark red/brown blood. Ive had a few fresh spots a week ago. I know what u mean with the smell. My dr put me on antibiotics on monday to be on safe said incase it was infected.


Only thing i can suggest is speak to your colposcopy clinic. They told me even with fresh blood they are only concerned if the blood is running out u like a tap lol. You will feel it seep out i did especially when i bent down etc. I didnt have as much as you describe though.


Good luck with it :)



i cogave us have wrote your post myself!! I actually contacted the hospital in regards to the 'leaking' ... I got told it was totally normal, and a sign of healing :)

Gosh! Sorry about the terrible spelling! Im on my phone. 


I I could have wrote your post myself, is what that should have said

Hi Littlecat


I had the same as you following my biopsy. LOTS of liquid but was told this is all part of the healing process. I was told only to be concerned if it started to smell!

Mine lasted about 4 weeks and im still spotting blood now after nearly 6 weeks. 


This whole process isnt much fun is it!?


Hi the waiting game,


It sure isnt fun is it! All this coming and going down there lol one minute its doing one thing and then another the next. All for the greater good though! :)

hello, i am 6 month past since having the LLETZ.. ever since i have leaked like liquid down below. not heavy just small amounts. sometimes smells likes urine sometimes it doesnt! and i know for sure this isnt normal, i was absoloutly fine until i had this done. and its really making me down and depressed. i could bend down to do my sons trainer laces and the smell is just awful, i wont even have sex with my partner due to it. doctors has done all the tests and everything is coming back normal