Anyone else have any of this? Pretty sure its bad

OK, here goes.
I’ve always had normal paps. A few months ago I contacted my OBGYN about some bleeding that I was having between periods, most often after intercourse. This wasn’t just spotting, but actual bleeding like a period, that lasted for days. She had me come in for an ultrasound and they found what they thought was a polyp. I had a follow up with her a couple weeks later to discuss the removal of it. No one was concerned as these are very common and almost always benign. She decided to look to see if she would be able to see it (it was close to the uterus, so she wasn’t sure if I would need to have the procedure in the hospital or if she could take it in office.) She couldn’t see it, but said “While I’m down here, lets do your pap.” I wasn’t due and had my last one 18 months ago. I’m 31 and have always had normal paps, so I was at the cusp of changing from every 3 years to every 5 years. Well, the pap came back as LSIL with a comment of “a more advanced lesion may be present.” It also came back as positive for E6/E7, which are CC causing strains of HPV. She scheduled me for a colposcopy. That showed HSIL and CIN3 in 3 biopsies and a scraping. Then I was scheduled for a LEEP, Hysteroscopy, polypectomy and D&C. I had all of that done on 11/25. I got a call saying everything went well with the procedure, but they weren’t able to find a reason why my pap went to abnormal in such a short amount of time. My doctor is concerned that she missed something. Adenocarcinoma to be exact. I have been referred to a GYN oncologist who will review my slides from the procedures and then we will schedule an appointment.
Has anyone had a similar experience with a rapidly changing pap and what was your outcome? I’m not jumping to any conclusions, but I’m a realist and I see all signs pointing to CC. I have had all of the tell tale signs: Spotting, bleeding after intercourse, and discharge (I thought this was from pregnancy as I have a 15 month old, but it didn’t subside after I gave birth.) All in addition to this most recent pap result.
Ant insight, ladies?


I know this post was from a while back. Your diagnosis was very similar to mine.  I am so scared of e6e7. What was your outcome? :(