Anyone else had secondary tumour in lymph node? Dying to talk to you!

I've just been diagnosed today with a secondary tumour of 10cm in a pelvic lymph node. I am 2 years post op for cc and originally had a trachelectomy. Can't believe its back and have never been so terrified in my life, even more so that I'm still waiting for a ct scan to tell me if it's only in this one node or if it has spread. This is totally new territory for me would love to speak to someone who has has secondaries in lymph nodes. 

Hi honey,

Really sorry to read you will need more treatment.

I had recurrence in my pelvic lymph nodes,ovary and pelvic sidewall.

I have been in remission a year this month.

Feel free to PM me anytime.I will help as much as I can

Take care

Becky x