Anyone else gone from CIN to VIN?

Just back from my three week post op check up to be told my biopsy was clear but I have VIN which was a bit of a shock, although I wasn’t expecting to be clear of this damn hpv just yet!

It wasn’t my usual consultant and the doctor didn’t really know what my history was as he spent most of the time trying to find the information he was supposed to be giving me and me filling in the gaps. Needless to say I didn’t really have faith in him knowing my situation so I didn’t ask any further questions plus the shock, suddenly going red and feeling close to tears didn’t help.

My rational side has kicked back in and I know I’ve got another check up in 6 months which means they can’t be too worried and are no doubt seeing if it develops or clears up. I’ve still got my official letter to arrive too, which will probably clarify things a little.

So I really wanted to see if anyone else has experienced going from high risk CIN to VIN?

What happened and any advice?

Small update on this, what I thought was VIN is actually VAIN. Classic case of mishearing a doctor telling me new information and my brain trying to take it all in whilst trying not to get upset.

Finally had it confirmed in black and white, although I'm not sure if either is the lesser of two evils!