Anyone else going through what i am?

Hi my name is jessica im from the united states ,im 26 a mother of 2 , i went to the doctor back in aug. Because i been bleeding nonstop since july 27,2021 , i have on going pevlic, stomach and lower back pain . My doctor sent me to a place to get a pelvic ultrasound and a Abdominal ultrasound and on top of that a breast ultrasound. I got my results on monday about my pelvic ultrasound she says that the uterus lining is thick and could be cancerous, im going to have a biopsy done the 13th ,and was told im starting to have a fatty liver and need to lose weight i havent got my breast ultrasound back all i know is i have a lump in my left breast i feel like i have noone to talk to and when i tell people my friends and family they gunna push it off but im honestly worried i might have cancer :frowning:

Hi Queenjess69

I’m post cervical cancer treatment and haven’t had a similar experience to you but as your gynaecological problem appears to be related to your uterus thought I would let you know about The Eve Appeal which is charity which offers support and information for all the gynaecological cancers:

The Eve Appeal have a forum on the following link:

I hope you get some answers soon.

Best wishes


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Thank you i appreciate it the link and information

Hey Jessica!

Just wanted to let you know that abnormal bleeding and a thickened uterus lining/endometrium wall can be signs of endometriosis or endometrial hyperplasia as well. I know the waiting period is stressful as your mind keeps imagining the worst-case scenarios, but try not to worry. Stay out of google and just patiently wait for the result. Once you got your result, you’ll be calmer as you will know the reason behind your symptoms and how to treat it. Keep us updated with the result, I hope it’s nothing sinister! Sending big hugs and prayer your way xx


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Thank you i really appreciate your comment ,im try to stay off if google cuz its just making me more stressful abd worried and thinking about the future of my kids. Ill let everyoje know as soon as i find out more information i just went in yesterday for blood work

I just got a call from the doctor she said the lump on my breast isnt cancerous!!


Hi Queenjess!

Glad to know that the lump on your breast is not cancerous! It’s such a piece of great news, please continue to be positive! Wishing you happiness and health x



I just had my biopsy done it hurt so bad she said shell call me when she gets the results

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