Anyone else felt convinced?

I feel convinced that by biopsy results are going to come back cancerous. Colposcopy was 3 weeks ago.
I feel like I can actually imagine myself needing an MRI. Waiting for more results. Being offered a Hysterectomy. I can imagine this all happening?
Anyone else felt so sure that cancerous cells were present but they got the all clear after biopsy? Just feel like I can feel it in my gut. Maybe it’s coz I bled 2 years ago after sex (in my last relationship) so feel if there was something there then it’s been slowly brewing and growing for 2 years xx

I thought I was convinced I had cancer. My heart dropped when I heard the phone ring. I was all clear with a 6 month follow up scheduled. I know the process of waiting is tormenting. But it isn't always all bad. I hope for the best for you!